Pain is a natural part of life, but living in that pain is no way to walk through life. At Happy Spine we envision a world where every single day is pain free and we have created CBD products to do just that.

With so many different CBD products emerging on the market today, Happy Spine was founded out of necessity to provide our customers with the best quality CBD to offer relief from the aches and pains life throws at you.

As a company, founded on chiropractic care, our mission is to provide effective CBD formulas that can be used in-practice and at-home with ease. Our products are designed with the intention to target pain on the spot and offer long-lasting relief to even the deepest muscle aches and pains*


We know first hand that there’s no shortage in the number of options that you have for topically treating muscle aches and pains. So why choose Happy Spine as your go-to pain relieving cream? We take your health, wellness and happiness seriously by putting honesty and transparency at the forefront of everything we do.

In the sea of unregulated CBD products available on the market today, Happy Spine strives to be the company that provides CBD products you can count on. We have gone the distance to source quality ingredients and put all of our products through strenuous testing before bringing them to market.

Added to that, we have a transparent supply chain so we know where our hemp is grown and how it’s processed. All of the hemp found in our products is grown right here in the US and is free from any heavy metals, pesticides or herbicides. Our manufacturing facility is not only cGMP, but also FDA registered.


woman holding a bottle of Happy Spine  Intensive CBD Rub  over Yoga Mat

All of our Happy Spine products are made with your joy in mind. Before creating Happy Spine, Founder Tyler Bigenho tried numerous CBD products available on the market, but he was not getting the results he wanted for his clients. After searching and searching, Tyler decided it was time to formulate and design pain reducing topical creams with CBD that he knew would produce the results he wanted.

His first product, the Intensive CBD Rub, that you see and use today is one of many formulations that were tested before it was ever released. What makes this pain relieving product different is the combination of CBD and Emu Oil, two powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients at work in one product. Emu oil, like CBD, is a known enhancer for the transport of bioactive compounds into the skin and thus has the ability to be absorbed quickly into the dermal layers when applied topically, easing aching joints from within.Not only that but the antioxidant properties of these two ingredients work together to improve skin hydration while minimize inflammation and relieving pain.*


Dr. Tyler Bigenho is a Licensed Chiropractor in Newport Beach, CA. After obtaining his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Southern California University of Health Sciences, his passion for natural healing led him to create his own practice, CleanSpine, with the goal of providing honest, high quality, and effective care.

Honesty is the backbone of his practice and Tyler prides himself in providing quality care where long-term treatment plans don’t apply. He specializes in decompression, full body and extremity adjustments. His unconventional approach to treating his patients is actually what led him to creating Happy Spine and the products that you see today. Tyler is known as the chiropractor who gets you out of pain as quickly as possible. So it’s no surprise that he created a brand and products that help customers do just that.

Tyler Bigenho - Happy CBD